[1vs7]™ Responsibilites

  • Always follow our Requirements, Code of Conduct, and Zero Tolerance Policy.
  • Work with Fellow [1vs7]™ Members to Earn Clan XP & participate in bi-weekly Clan Wars. Optional for Casual Division.
  • Strive to remain active In-Game, plus on our Website & Forums. Participation is rewarded!
  • Keep an updated profile on our Website to include all your information including an avatar.
  • Always wear our [1vs7] Tags while playing online! Show some pride!
  • Always remain on our In-Game Roster, either Competitive or Casual. Ask first before switching! 
  • Make sure to let us know if you're planning to go on vacation or be inactive for a long period of time.
  • Get along with fellow Clan Members & Officers! 

  • All the Member Responsibilities.
  • Always be on the prowl for potential new recruits. Recruit & Approve New Members.
  • Organize & Create their own Squad to participate in Ghosts Clan Wars & Earn Clan XP.
  • Monitor our clan members & if needed start a vote to remove a problematic member.
  • Voice your opinion in how the clan operates & how the clan moves forward!
  • Organize spontaneous friendly member games & other community activities.

More specific details about our [1vs7] Member & Officer Responsibilities can be found in our Member Only Forums. As long as you always follow the [1vs7]™ Member & Officer Responsibilities you can remain a member for life. However if you are caught not following, you may receive a warning, and if not corrected, after an [1vs7]Officer vote, you may be removed from [1vs7]
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