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What is Clan Wars?

Clan Wars is a 2 or 5 day Operation (depending on Division) for Clans consisting of at least 3 members in Call of Duty® Ghosts. There are currently five divisions that Clans are placed in depending on the skill level. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Divisions. To opt into the Diamond Division, a Clan must get 1st Place in (2) Clan Wars in the Platinum Division.

A Clan War places eight similar sized Clan's in direct competition with each other to earn the most Capture Points (CP). The Clan at the end of the Clan War with the most CP wins the entire event. The top 3 clans in a Clan War earn Clan XP, patches, and gear.

24 hours before a Clan War each Clan has it's roster locked. Depending on a Clan's roster size at the time, lets say 20 members, once Clan Wars starts, the first 20 members that get wins are the only members that count. Clan's can continue to recruit during Clan Wars but only the first 20 members that help in Clan Wars are counted. A member recruited during Clan Wars can help as long several members prior to Clan War starting have not yet helped. All clans are placed against similar sized clans to keep everything fair. It's not clear what determines Division, but it seems to be calculated by a Clan's overall Clan KD and Member's win percentage among other stats. Every 1st place finish will move a clan up one Division and a 2nd or 3rd place finish will ensure a Clan stays in the current division.

When is Clan Wars?

Clan Wars (Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum Divisions)
  • Runs 5 days - 24 hours per day
  • Every other Wednesday at 3:00 PM EST until the following Monday at 2:59 PM EST.

Clan Wars (Diamond Division)
  • Runs 3 days - 4 hours per day
  • Every other Weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Clan Leaders have option to opt into different time zones for their community.

How does Clan Wars work?

During Clan Wars, there is map on the Call of Duty® App that displays 8 Nodes to capture. Each node represents a specific Game Mode such as Team Deathmatch. Every Clan War has different nodes to capture, but almost always include a Team Deathmatch, Cranked, Domination, and Kill Confirmed node.

In order to capture a node and occupy it, a Clan must accumulate the amount of wins that is shown on the scoreboard for the node, this can be different in each Clan War for each node, depending on the size of a clan, more wins are required for larger clans, the screenshots within are of a 21 member clan in the Platinum Division.

Every win by a Clan member in game mode represented by a neutral node counts towards the Clans total.
With OR without members.

Example: If there is a party of (4) members playing in a game mode that is a neutral node, any win counts as (4) wins. If there is (1) member playing by himself in a game mode that is a neutral node, any win counts as (1) win.

The Clan Commander and Lt. Commanders can select the primary target for members following along on the Call of Duty® App by selecting it on the individual scoreboard for each node.

On each node, you see a scoreboard with the progress of each Clan. The Clan that captures the node, gets the Capture Point (CP) Value listed for the node, this also is different for each Clan War and node.

When occupied, the seven other clans totals are frozen and their wins work to take down the occupying clan's defenses. The node will show how many wins are required to make it neutral again, this number counts down backwards, this is usually the amount of wins that were required to initially capture it. Any wins by the occupying clan adds to the total to hold onto it. Any wins by the remaining 7 clans work to reduce the occupying clans hold onto the node. A node depending on the win requirement may go 25% wins higher if the occupying clan continues to play in the game mode. When above capture win requirement, the node will display silver triangles on the node on the full map display.
Example: A node that requires 43 wins, maxes out at 55 wins, but a node that requires 17 wins, maxes out at 22.

A node will be beginning flashing red its close to being lost, usually 1 or 2 wins away, more for larger nodes. Every 4 hours a clan occupies a node they receive 1 CP and the node's capture value increases 1 CP. Once it hits zero it goes back to neutral and all 8 clans can fight to capture it. Those clans that had wins already in the node will start back where they were prior to the node being captured. So its very effective to always play in a neutral node when available, even if you don't think you will capture it in time, that way when it does goes neutral again, you'll be first in line to capture it.

The occupying clan also gets an individual XP bonus for each node's game mode that is listed on the Call of Duty® App. This will be shown in-game in the find a match area for current members. Also, when a Clan War ends, any nodes held by a clan, their members will get that bonus for the entire down time until the next Clan War.

What are the Best Clan Wars Strategies?

The best strategy after the initial rush to capture nodes is to ALWAYS target neutral nodes when available, immediately switch modes when a node goes neutral if you're working to knock down defenses. If none are neutral just look for the one that can be attacked easiest, least amount of defenses or speed, its much faster to get 20 cranked wins with a full party than 15 domination wins. Plus value comes into factor, if a node keeps exchanging hands, it becomes worthless, some down to only a few CP. So then it starts coming down to letting the clans not in the top 3 hold nodes until they increase in value, but if a clan that is fighting with you for top 3 has it, work to capture it immediately to prevent them from getting CP every 4 hours.


What are the Clan Wars Rewards?

Clan XP (All Divisions)
  • Any Clan that finishes in the Top 3 of a Clan War gets a large amount of Clan XP. Between 50,000 & 450,000 Clan XP.
  • It has not been confirmed what the exact values are for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes or if division plays a factor.
  • However, 450,000 Clan XP is confirmed for a 1st Place Diamond Win.

GEAR (Diamond Division)
  • War Cry Reticle:Opt into Diamond Division
  • War Cry Gun Camo:Finish in the Top 3 of a Clan War in Diamond Division.
  • War Cry Assassin Headpiece: Finish in the Top 3 of a Clan War (x2) in Diamond Division.
  • War Cry Savage Headpiece: Finish in the Top 3 of a Clan War (x3) in Diamond Division.
  • War Cry Uniform:Finish in the Top 3 of a Clan War (x4) Diamond Division.

GEAR (Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum Divisions)
  • Triad Reticle: Win a Clan War.
  • Body Count Gun Camo: Win a Clan War in Gold Division or Higher.
  • Body Count Merc Headpiece:Win 2 Clan Wars in Gold Division or Higher.
  • Body Count Reaper Headpiece:Win 3 Clan Wars in Gold Division or Higher.
  • Body Count Uniform:Win 4 Clan Wars in Gold Division or Higher.

PATCHES & EMBLEMS (Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum Divisions)
  • Gold Grill Patch:Finish in the top 3 of the Los Angeles Clan War.
  • Pirate Skull Patch: Finish in the top 3 of the Oahu Clan War.
  • Gargoyle Patch:Finish in the top 3 of the Caracas Clan War.
  • Vulture Patch:Finish in the top 3 of the Gulf of Mexico Clan War.
  • Warrior Mask Patch:Finish in the top 3 of the Yucatan Jungle Clan War.
  • Yeti Patch:Finish in the top 3 of the Antarctica Clan War.
  • Dead Owl Patch:Finish in the top 3 of the Rio de Janeiro Clan War.
  • Money Bags Patch: Finish in the top 3 of the Las Vegas Clan War.
  • Injured Octopus Patch:Finish in the top 3 of the Colorado Springs Clan War.
  • Hotdog Patch:Finish in the top 3 of the San Diego Clan War.
  • Crab Patch:Finish in the top 3 of the Costa Rica Clan War.
  • Robot Patch: Finish in the top 3 of the Cape Canaveral Clan War.
  • Mummy Patch: Hold a Target for 3 Days.
  • Wing Emblem:Be the first Clan to Capture a Target within a Clan War.
  • Ninja Emblem: Capture all targets during a Clan War.
  • Demon Patch: Qualify for the Platinum Division in Clan Wars.
  • Dead Gnome Patch:Qualify for the Gold Division in Clan Wars.
  • Cyclops Patch:Hold 4 targets simultaneously.
  • Ninja Patch: Finish a Clan War Holding 5 targets.
  • Brass Knuckles Emblem:Earn 1000 CP in Clan Wars.
  • Purple Skill Patch:Capture 5 targets during a Can War.
  • Gold Chain Emblem:Capture 3 targets within a 24 hour period in a Clan War.

The screenshots used in this article were of a 21 member Clan in Platinum Division. All screenshots were taken on a Nexus 7 2013 Tablet.

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