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Apollo tagtagtagtag  HOLY CRAP dude! We're gonna have to figure out something cool we can do for the community to put the funds to good use! Brain storm time guys! Thanks a ton brother! And sorry I didn't see sooner, been out driving for almost a day straight for Uber/Lyft! Crazy busy with new years weekend but I hope to be back into gaming spirit come 2018! Hopefully our come back next year! ;) Happy New Year brother and stay safe over there! Lemme know if you need anything, would be happy to ship ya a care package with whatever you need! ;)
[VIP] Sparta tagtagtagtag  No probs bro. This community has helped me in more ways I can imagine. I love it and all its' members, from the Leader (, all the way to its new members and affiliates. And I wanna def thank you for creating this family. We may not be as active as we used to be back in the day but it is still amazing in my opinion. I will forever rep 1vs7 in every and all future CoD's and ever other games. Again, thanks for creating this family brother and glad I can help.
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