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How to Earn Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan XP

Play any Online Multi-player Mode with At Least (1) Clan Member up to (9):

  • 50 Clan XP per Clan Member per Win: 450 Clan XP MAX
  • 10 Clan XP per Clan Member per Loss: 90 Clan XP MAX

Participate in Clan vs. Clan Playlists with At Least (1) Clan Member up to (4):

  • 100 Clan XP per Clan Member per Win: 400 Clan XP MAX
  • 20 Clan XP per Clan Member per Loss: 80 Clan XP MAX

Win a Clan War:

  • Top 3 Clans get a HUGE amount of Clan XP, between 50,000 & 450,000 Clan XP. Unable to confirm exact values for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place and if Division plays a factor.

Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan Level Requirements

Level 2: 750 Clan XP
Level 3: 
750 Clan XP
Level 4: 
1,500 Clan XP
Level 5: 
2,000 Clan XP
Level 6: 
4,000 Clan XP
Level 7: 
6,000 Clan XP
Level 8: 
8,000 Clan XP
Level 9: 
10,000 Clan XP
Level 10: 
12,000 Clan XP
Level 11: 
30,000 Clan XP
Level 12: 
35,000 Clan XP
Level 13: 
40,000 Clan XP
Level 14: 50,000 Clan XP
Level 15: 60,000 Clan XP
Level 16: 70,000 Clan XP
Level 17: 80,000 Clan XP
Level 18: 90,000 Clan XP
Level 19: 100,000 Clan XP
Level 20: 110,000 Clan XP
Level 21: 120,000 Clan XP
Level 22: 130,000 Clan XP
Level 23: 140,000 Clan XP
Level 24: 150,000 Clan XP
Level 25: 250,000 Clan XP
Level 25 (Max): 350,000 Clan XP

In-game Call of Duty® Ghosts Clan Rewards

Level 2: Clan Wallpapers (Metal, Rust, Steel)
Level 3: Clan Wallpapers (Desert, Digital, Stealth)
Level 4: 3D Hunter Camo Background/Calling Card
Level 5: Body Count Patch "Up and Coming"
Level 6: Double Clan XP (2 Hours)
Level 7: Clan Wallpapers (Jungle, Tech, Winter)
Level 8: Hamburger Patch "It's a Mouthful"
Level 9: Ghosts Skull Background/Calling Card & Clan Wallpapers (Leopard, Rhino, Snake)
Level 10:
Double Clan XP (2 Hours)
Level 11: Gold Clan Tag
Level 12: Shattered Glass Background/Calling Card & Clan Wallpapers (Ghost Skull Cold, Natural, Smoke)
Level 13: Unicorn Patch "Dreams Never Die"
Level 14: Clan Wallpapers (Skull Red, Skull Camo, Skulls)
Level 15: Dragon Scales Background/Calling Card & Clan Wallpapers (Dragon, Ninja, Samurai)
Level 16: Dead Samurai Patch "Loyalty Division"
Level 17: Double Clan XP (2 Hours)
Level 18: Frog Patch "Royal Pain" & Clan Wallpapers (Alien Cyber, Global, Skull)
Level 19: Tattoo Flash Art Background/Calling Card
Level 20: Clan Wallpapers (Land Pirate, Night Pirate, Sea Pirate)
Level 21: Dino Patch "Get in My Belly"
Level 22: Double Clan XP (2 Hours)
Level 23: Gun Camo (Kiss of Death)
Level 24: Double Clan XP (2 Hours)
Level 25: Unnamed Patch "Leader of the Pack"
Level 25 (Max): Red Clan Tag

How to Check Your Clan Progress

The In-game Clan Updates in the Barracks usually take an hour or two to update. So for an instant progress check use the Call of Duty® App. Around 30 seconds or so after a match, refresh "My Clan" or "My Profile" and it should show the updated Clan XP you earned! Sadly there is no way to show who earned what at this time. No information currently as to when or if this will change in the future.

For those looking for a device to run the entire Call of Duty® App I highly recommend the Nexus 7 Tablet (2013). Everything is completely functional on the Call of Duty® App & Clan Wars literally only takes 2 seconds to load! Plus it's an amazing value for the hardware! $250 or less and has better specs than an iPad Air! Also, it can easily run both the Call of Duty® App and PlayStation App seamlessly at the same time so it makes a great companion while you're gaming on your PS3 or PS4! :)

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