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[1vs7]™  -  An Exclusive Call of Duty® Community for "Free-For-All" Enthusiasts!
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Our Mission is to build [1vs7]™ into the very best "Free-For-All" Clan, period! An original, casual yet increasingly competitive, friendly, honorable, cheat-free, and mature community for all the misfits of Call of Duty®. Finally a place for all us skilled Lone Wolves out there that really don't feel at home in normal team based clans. We're one of the only clan's that exclusively support and focus on the "Free-For-All" game mode. But that doesn't stop us from constantly evolving to better support our community base and keep up with the latest Call of Duty® installments and features.

Most notably in March 2014, along with a complete redesign of our logo and website, we split our community in two, supporting both Casual and Competitive Divisions, giving our members a choice to decide what fits them best as a Call of Duty® player. Unique to our Community, each Division has an open door policy allowing our members to switch when they like, to either get more active, or take a break when needed!

Our Casual Division, a continuation of our founding goals to support solely "Free-For-All" players, only has a requirement of a 1.0 Kill Death Ratio. THAT'S IT! No team based participation is required and this division is perfect for our true exclusive "Free-For-All" members.

Our Competitive Division, while also supporting "Free-For-All" players, is growing more involved in team based activities on the PlayStation®4. All our members have the ability to opt into this division where we will focus efforts on Call of Duty® Ghosts "Diamond Division" Clan Wars to earn in-game features and perks. This division is for the very best of our members that also enjoy a little camaraderie and team based competition. We expand slightly on our Casual Division requiring a 1.5 Kill Death Ratio, and the big difference, mandatory participation in the entire 12 hour Clan War event every other weekend. Since the formation of this Division, we have yet to lose a single Clan War, accumulated more than 6 wins in-a-row and counting!

We're continuously rolling out new features for our all dedicated members. Including the unique [1vs7]™ Reward Point System that awards our members for participation on our website and in-game. With these earned points, members can save up to redeem for items from our Reward Shop like exclusive website features, gift cards, plus all new [1vs7]™ Merchandise sporting our logo and unique game play themes. In the near future, we plan to roll out our weekly [1vs7]™ Pandemonium Tournament Series on the PlayStation®4, where we embrace our unique style of game play and have true "one versus seven" competitions between our members for reward points, prizes, awards, and most importantly honor!

With all that said, we welcome all players who enjoy "Free-For-All" most of all to join our growing community and we don't discriminate by age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, political views, or for really any reason other than Call of Duty® skills! Our community is constantly evolving and every member has an equal say on how we move forward together as a clan. So let's work together to make the [1vs7]™ Clan Tag become synonymous with the very best "Free-For-All" community in Call of Duty®!